Change Management Training Courses

Change Management Training Courses

We offer 8 Change Management Training Courses, and we facilitate them all as
in-house, public and online training courses throughout South Africa

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What our customers have said about our Change Management Training Courses:

“Great workshop. The presenter is very knowledgeable. We enjoyed and learnt a lot of practical things that can be implemented within (our company). The facilitator (Ron Scherer) gives great practical examples, energetic, explains thoroughly, easy to understand, funny. He is very experienced and knows his subject. The Trust Model in particular is excellent.”

“The training workshop was very well presented and informative. Ron is very experienced and talked with authority.”

“Important for CEO / Executives to attend, as well as tapping into how this could be applied in your personal life too – brilliant!  Ron kept everyone interested at all times and used good, real examples.”

“It was a very informative and indeed very transformational 2 days. Ron is a great facilitator. He knows how to convey a message in a very interesting way. He has a great personality.”

“Ron Scherer was born to do this. He is a very good facilitator.”

“Excellent course. Ron should continue with linking it to his work and life experiences. This course leaves an impact for life.”


Change Management Training

Change Management Training


This 2-day Change Management Training Course is offered as
in-house, virtual and public training throughout South Africa

Change Management Training

This Change Management Training Course is suitable for:
Managers, Management Teams, and Change Management Committees

Course Duration: 2 days

NQF Level: 5

Course content and outcomes:

  • Introduction to Managing Change

    • Personal behaviour styles – and our natural reaction to change
    • How our brains function – and the implications for managing change
    • Managing Change: Letting go of the old
    • Understand why people resist change
    • The change curve, and its effect on individual and team performance
    • Understand the principles of how best to manage the transitions through change
  • The role of the change management committee in an organisation
    • Management misconceptions about how to handle change
    • Types of loss employees experience during periods of major changes
    • The phases of transition through change
    • Essential principles change management leaders should apply for change management
    • Building trust in the face of change – The C~A~R~E~ING Trust Model
  • The role of the change management committee in the preparation, communication, implementation and enforcement of change
    • The 6 Phases Model for Effective Change Management
      • Analysis of the envisioned change: SWOT
      • Motivating change
      • Creating the vision of change
      • Developing political support, and ensuring the effectiveness of the change sponsor and change agents
      • Managing the transitions of change
      • Sustaining momentum
  • Reflecting on other change management models: Kotter, McKinsey 7-S, ADKAR, Kubler-Ross
  • Dealing with resistance to change
    • Group work using the 6 Phases Model for Effective Change Management
  • Identifying change management initiatives
    • Group work using the 6 Phases Model for Effective Change Management
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