Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Training

This Emotional Intelligence Training Course is offered throughout South Africa as
in-house, public and online training

Emotional Intelligence Training
– including Personal Mastery Training –

This course is suitable for:
Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and General Staff

Course Duration: 3 days

NQF Level: 5

Course Objective:

Through this Emotional Intelligence Training Course, delegates are equipped with life-skills and inter-relational competencies that enable them to significantly increase their EQ and overall effectiveness in the workplace and in their personal lives.

Course content and outcomes:

Through this Emotional Intelligence Training Course, delegates will learn: Emotional Intelligence Training
  • What is emotional intelligence, and why is it so important in the workplace?
  • Understanding the 3 major theories and underlying principles of emotional intelligence
  • Goleman’s five components of emotional intelligence at work
  • How the brain works – the neurological & physiological basis of emotional intelligence
  • The functions of emotions – and the potential damage of its aftershocks: moods
  • Plutchik’s model of emotions – identifying & controlling emotional triggers / hot buttons
  • Conducting a self-assessment on your own emotional intelligence
  • Developing your emotional intelligence across all 5 dimensions of emotional intelligence
    • Enhancing your self-awareness dimension
      • Identifying your levels of self-awareness and openness
      • Behavioural styles / temperaments analysis:
        • Understanding your dominant behaviour style and those of others
        • Acquiring competencies to adapt your style when interacting with others
      • Clarifying your values
      • Self-confidence – how one should go about building it
    • Enhancing your self-regulation dimension
        • Assertiveness, aggression and submissiveness
        • Assessing the effectiveness of your locus of control
        • Controlling destructive thoughts
        • Envisioning and goal setting
        • Understanding change management principles
    • Enhancing your motivation dimension
      • Building a positive attitude
      • Tools to pass it on & motivate others
      • Failure and success cycles
      • Motivation and demotivation cycles
    • Enhancing your social awareness dimension
      • Effective communication – principles and skills
      • Active listening and empathy
    • Enhancing your social skills dimension
      • Building trust and earning respect
      • Giving and receiving feedback
      • Managing conflict

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