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Management Training Courses

Management Training Courses

We offer 14 different Management Training Courses, all of which we run in-house and publicly throughout South Africa
– Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth –

For in-house courses, we also customize them to your specific needs.

Please click on the applicable Management Training Courses for your region

Emotional Intelligence and Personal Mastery (Targeted audience: Skilled level, Supervisors & Middle Management)

Effective Leadership and Management (Targeted audience: Supervisory & Middle Management Training)

Leadership, Transformation and Change Management (Targeted audience: Managers & Management Teams Training)

Manage Diversity and Build a High Performance Culture (Targeted audience: EE Committees & Management Training)

Building High Performance Teams (Targeted audience: Supervisory & Middle Management)

Competency-based Recruitment and Selection (Targeted audience: All employees involved in employee selection)

Conflict, Stress and Change Management (Targeted audience: Skilled level, Supervisors & Middle Management)

Conflict Resolution: Workplace Leadership for Win-Win Outcomes (Targeted audience: Shop Stewards & Management Training)

Managing Conflict (Targeted audience: Suitable for all employees)

Chairing / Initiating Disciplinary Hearings (Targeted audience: Employee Representatives & Management Training)

Handling Discipline and Managing Poor Performance (Targeted audience: Supervisors & Middle Management)

Labour Law and Workplace Relations (Targeted audience: HR and IR Practitioners & Middle Management)

Employment Equity (Targeted audience: Employment Equity Committees & Management Training)

Skills Development for EE / Training Committees (Targeted audience: EE Committees & Management Training)

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