Supervisory Skills Training

– Supervisor Training –

Supervisory Skills Training
This Supervisory Skills Training is offered throughout South Africa as
in-house, public and online training

Supervisory Skills Training

Suitable for:
Supervisors, Team Leaders, First Line Managers

Course Duration: 4 days

NQF Level: 4

Course Objective:

Taking on the challenges of switching from a “hands on the work” employee, to managing and leading your peers can be highly stressful – especially if you don’t have all the knowledge and skills.

Through this Supervisory Skills Training course – which we offer throughout South Africa – delegates will gain a solid grounding in all the supervisory and line-management competencies.

Course content and outcomes:

Through this Supervisory Skills Training Course, delegates will learn:Supervisory Skills Training

  • The transition from worker to leader
    • Common mistakes to avoid
  • The cornerstones of supervision, management and leadership
    • Competence, Confidence, Fairness, Trust, Respect
  • Critical interactive competencies:
    • Communication
    • Planning
    • Delegation
    • Effective Meetings
    • Time Management
    • Handling Interruptions
  • Determining direction, objectives and goals
    • Ensuring alignment with the organisation’s vision, mission and objectives
  • Creating order and structure
    • Organising
    • Allocating work and role clarification
  • Designing and leading teams
  • Recruiting, orienting and inducting
  • Ensuring delivery:
    • Root-cause analysis, problem solving and decision making
    • Efficient reporting
  • Building morale and capability:
    • Teamwork, coaching and guiding
  • Managing performance:
    • Effective planning, coaching, guiding and reviewing
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