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Assertiveness Training

This Assertiveness Training Course is offered throughout South Africa
– Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth –

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Assertiveness, Self Awareness and Influencing Skills

Assertiveness Training

This Assertiveness Training is:
Suitable for Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers, General Staff

Course Duration: 2 days NQF LEVEL: 4
Course Objective:

The ability to interact effectively and influence others is a highly valuable skill.

Through this Assertiveness Training Course – which we run throughout South Africa – you will gain an understanding of your strengths, as well as how to adapt your behaviour to more effectively interact and influence others.

Course content and outcomes:

Through this Assertiveness Training Course, delegates will learn:

  • The value of self-awareness and openness
  • Self-confidence – how one should go about building it
  • The difference between passive, assertive and aggressive behaviour
  • Body language and assertive behaviour
  • The barriers to assertive behaviour
  • Influencing skills
  • Thought control and positive assertion
  • The skills of giving and receiving feedback
  • Destructive and constructive criticism
  • How to be constructive in confrontation situations

“Assertiveness is neither the opposite of submissiveness, nor aggression, for these two are in effect the opposites of each other. And both submissiveness and aggression are lower-order instinctive reactions to external events.

By contrast, assertiveness is a reaction that takes place in our fore-brain. It is a controlled response – somewhat slower than our instinctive reactions, but far more effective and appropriate in dealing with the challenges of our modern world.” Ron Scherer

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