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Call Centre Training and Telephone Etiquette Training

This Call Centre Training and Telephone Etiquette Training is offered throughout South Africa
– Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth –

We now offer this programme, and all our training courses as Virtual Training / Remote Training,
to meet your unique needs arising from the CO
VID-19 Corona Virus epidemic.

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Call Centre

and Telephone Etiquette Training

This Call Centre and Telephone Etiquette Training is:
Suitable for Call Centre Operators, employees involved in sales and customer service

Course Duration: 2 days NQF LEVEL: 4
Course Objective:
    Through this Call Centre and Telephone Etiquette Training Course, your company will gain:

  • Increased sales and market penetration
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Customer loyalty
Course content and outcomes:
   Through this Call Centre and Telephone Etiquette Training course, delegates will learn:
  • Getting the basics right
    • – The fundamentals of customer service and sales
      – Teamwork and the service chain
      – Understanding the basic needs of every customer
      – The 3 V’s of communication – and how to maximize them – even over the phone
  • Basic telephone skills essential for every employee involved in customer service and sales
    • – First impressions formed on the phone
      – Putting a smile in your voice
      – Adopting a “yes we can” attitude
      – The importance of tone of voice, pitch and rate of speech
      – Time taken to answer
      – Getting essential information to serve
      – Questioning and probing techniques
      – The dreaded “please hold”
      – The dreaded “dead end” transfer
      – Giving and taking messages
      – Active listening skills
      – Matching the communication style of your customer
  • The importance of attitude to be effective in sales & customer service
  • Understanding the importance of internal and external customers
  • Handling in-bound calls effectively
    • – 5 critical things to do when opening an in-bound call
      – Attentiveness and active listening
      – Establishing the real need
      – Administrative efficiency and follow up
  • Handling out-bound calls and direct sales effectively
    • – Getting through the gate-keeper to the decision maker
      – Effective enquiring
      – Preparing a script
      – Selling benefits
      – Cross-selling and up-selling
      – Handling objections
      – Techniques for closing the deal

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