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Diversity Training

This Diversity Training Course is offered throughout South Africa
– Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth –

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Diversity Training

This Diversity Training is suitable for all employees

Course Duration: 1 day NQF LEVEL: 3
Course Objective:
Successful, forward-thinking organisations understand the critical importance of offering diversity training – which we offer throughout South Africa – so that all employees:

  • are encouraged and able to draw from each other the creativity, knowledge and support they need to meet their common goals
  • can gain understanding of different cultures, beliefs, behaviors and thinking styles
  • are able to understand and embrace the richness of the diversity in their workplace, and develop common ground to collaborate and work together
Course content and outcomes:
Through this diversity training, delegates will learn:

  • Understanding the concept of diversity – what does it mean in the workplace?
  • We are all different: Understanding our differences – in the workplace, and personal lives
  • Understanding discrimination and it’s destructive effect:
        o Biases
        o Prejudices
        o Stereotypes
  • Understanding the 4 pillars of diversity:
        o Racial diversity
        o Gender diversity
        o Cultural diversity
        o Thought diversity
Diversity training
  • Understanding Employment Equity, Affirmative Action and our need to comply with the law
  • The business case for building a culture of valuing diversity
  • Small group discussions:
        o Understanding our unique differences
        o Understanding our different perceptions
  • Managing workplace conflict arising from diversity

“Diversity is so much more than just being “different” or “varied”. It means acquiring the attitude and competencies of being different and varied together. It means that – unlike in mathematics – when it comes to humans, 1 + 1 has never equaled 2.

One plus one equals a TEAM. And a team, when they work together, will always outperform two individuals working on their own.” ~ Ron Scherer

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