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Management and Leadership Training Courses

Management and Leadership Training Courses


We offer 15 different leadership and management training courses, all of which we run in-house and publicly throughout South Africa
– Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth – 

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Strategic Thinking, Scenario Planning and Change Management

Transformational Leadership Training – including Change Management

Emotional Intelligence and Personal Mastery

Effective Management and Leadership Training

Managing Diversity

(Management Training with EE Committee / Supervisors)

Building High Performance Teams

Competency-based Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Skills

Conflict, Stress and Change Management

(Management / Leadership Training with Shop Stewards)

Conflict Resolution: Workplace Leadership Training for Win-Win Outcomes

Conflict Management

Chairing / Initiating Disciplinary Hearings

Managing Discipline and Initiating Disciplinary Hearings

Labour Law and Workplace Relations

Employment Equity Training

Skills Development for EE / Training Committees

What our customers have said about our training:

“Ron Scherer was born to do this. He is a very good facilitator” – on our Building High Performance Teams training.

“(Ron) has an excellent knowledge of what he’s doing and guiding the class to motivation.” – on our Team Leader training.

“Excellent facilitator, explained content well and simple – easy to understand with scenarios added!” – on our Labour Law training.

“Ron is a hands on, passionate facilitator, and his interaction with the learner is excellent.” – on our Labour Law training.

“The course was excellent and very informative. The facilitator was excellent. He didn’t read us the manual / slides but he explained the content through his years of experience and expertise, and helped me understand concepts in more than on way and to apply my mind.” – on our Labour Law training.

“Very informative and eye-opening. The facilitator was very good, vibey and very practical.” – on our Labour Law training.

“The programme was well organised and really informative in terms of what the Employment Equity Act entails. Ron’s good at what he does, because he is active and ensures that every participant is on board.” – on our Employment Equity training.

“Very well presented, presenter has thorough knowledge of the subject.” – on our Employment Equity training.

“Ron is absolutely amazing in keeping the team attentive and he interacts with the team. Please don’t change anything – you are great.” – on our Employment Equity training.

“Amazing mechanisms that could be used to enhance our recruitment and selection process.
The facilitator (Ron) is knowledgeable, well experienced and made relevant examples, painting clear pictures of the content.” – on our Competency-based Recruitment and Selection training.

Very informative, lots of information, excellently presented.
Ron was well prepared, excellent confidence. So far the best facilitator I have ever met.” – on our Managing Discipline and Chairing Disciplinary Hearings training.

The course was everything I expected and more. I can implement what I have learned in my personal life as well as my work life.
I think Ron is a very well prepared facilitator and his experience in life comes through in everything. Examples that he uses of his personal experiences / achievements helped me understand easily.” – on our Emotional Intelligence and Personal Mastery training.

The whole course was very inspiring and had a very positive input in my personal and work life. It’s really very encouraging and inspiring.
(Ron) is a person who was born to work with people. He can make you laugh and he can make you understand something so easily… he is great.” – on our Emotional Intelligence and Personal Mastery training.

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