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Organisation Climate Surveys

Organisation Climate Surveys                                       Organisation Climate Surveys

Great organisations to work for regularly survey their organisation’s culture and climate to create – and sustain – great business value:

  • Ensuring on-going employee empowerment
  • Continuously focusing on and improving employee satisfaction levels
  • Retaining value-adding staff;and
  • Ensuring the sustainability of employee commitment to continuously improve their work processes and delivery of customer satisfaction

How POP Training and Consulting can assist with this process

POP Training and Consulting specialises in change management and building high performance organisations.

Through our experience of assisting and working within organisations such as SA Breweries, Barloworld, SPAR Distribution Centre, Volkswagen SA, PPC Cement, Plascon Automotive, General Electric, Tenneco, Behr Climate Control, Johnson Control Instruments, Magnetto Wheels,Cordustex, Umicore, Faurecia Interior, Faurecia Exhausts, Pioneer Foods, Lumotech, Algoa Bus Company, Borbet, Jembi Health Sys tems, Classic Meat, Spectra Carbide, Spectra Mapal, Joubert Galpin Searle, and many other organisations we have developed extensive expertise in assisting our clients with conflict resolution, managing diversity, implementing employment equity constructively, introducing facilitative leadership, building high performance teams, strategic planning, and increasing organisational capacity and performance outcomes.

Our Organisation Climate Survey process

Our organisation climate survey provides both qualitative and quantitative measures of employee perceptions, attitudes and opinions.

Through this process we are able to provide you with the basis for building a motivated workforce and a high performance culture, therebyensuring the long-term sustainability and success of your organisation.

The following are the six phases in our process:

Phase 1:  Survey design
We use a combination of two survey techniques to ensure both qualitative and quantitative feedback to the organisation.  We discuss and present our standard methodology, categories and questions, and customize them to your unique requirements.

Phase 2: Obtaining understanding and buy-in to the process by all stakeholders
We facilitate communication and discussion sessions with all stakeholders in the organisation (such as Unions and EE Committees) to sensitize and prepare the organisation for the process and ensure  full agreement of the process.

Phase 3: Facilitating the completion and administration of the survey
We administer the survey through the process of focused group sessions, which includes numerical ratings and detailed written comments.

Phase 4: Compilation of reports
Arising from these focused group sessions we derive and consolidate:

Qualitative feedback from each employee and each group / team as to their perceptions of the culture of the organisation.

This report focuses on and tabulates their recommendations and suggestions on how to improve  the culture, so as to build an inspiring climate and a high performance organisation.
Quantitative Feedback from every employee at all levels, through an Employee  Satisfaction Survey consisting of 50 – 60 key questions, categorized within 11 categories such as Communication, Job Satisfaction, Pride / Company Reputation, Perceptions of Leadership / Top Management, Recognition and Reward, Perceptions of Supervision / Immediate Management, Working Environment, Training and Development, Trust and Relationships, Change Management, and the Management of Diversity.

Phase 5:  Presentation of feedback
We meet with management and stakeholders to give feedback, interpret the survey results and  identify trends.

Phase 6: Developing strategies and action plans
We supply a  user-friendly software system and use it to work-shop the feedback, developing action plans to initiate and drive improvement, as well as to monitor progress on a monthly / quarterly basis.

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