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Receptionist Training in Customer Service

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Receptionist Training in Customer Service

Suitable for:

Receptionists, Switchboard Operators, Secretaries,
Call Centre Operators, General office staff

Course Duration: 1 day NQF LEVEL: 4
Course Objective:
Frontline office employees are the window to your organisation – and often receive little or no training.

This highly motivational programme is designed to build the skills and enthusiasm that become a talking point amongst your customers.

Course content and outcomes:
  • The principle of CARE
  • Teamwork and the Service Chain
  • Understand the 4 basic needs of every customer
  • The importance of attitude & valuing yourself as a Frontline employee
  • The competencies of a Frontline employee
  • Effective communication as a Frontline employee
  • The art of active listening
  • Understanding the difference in handling inbound calls and handling outbound calls
  • Effective probing when handling inbound calls
  • Handling internal and external customer complaints
  • Dealing with angry customers
Receptionist Training

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