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Competency-based Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection
Recruiting, selecting and retaining competent employees is the core of running a successful, sustainable business – yet most companies find these hurdles to be amongst their greatest challenges.

At POP we provide practical, implementable solutions by offering:

  Our unique software:

Is inexpensive and cost-effective.

Contains a library of over 100 behavioural and managerial competencies, complete with detailed behaviour indicators for all levels of employment.

Contains over 700 interview questions, aligned to the behavioural and managerial competencies in the library.

Allows you to add and store your own competencies and questions.

Provides graphs and detailed comparitive tables on all candidates.

Has a full Employment Equity function which:
– Enables drilling down to analyze potential and then compare candidates.
– Enables running scenarios on potential candidates.
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