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POP Training and Consulting was launched in 2004 by founding members Ron Scherer and Michele Scherer.

With Ron’s extensive experience in training and HR (through his career working for SA Breweries, GEC and Barloworld), and Michele’s passion for customer care (on which she founded and managed the East Cape Property Guide publication and the Betterbond Mortgage Origination office), they realised that it is only through the combined principles of Value-Based Management and building a sense of belonging in the workplace that companies can sustain long-term success.

Companies such as VWSA, PPC, SPAR Distribution Centre, Axxess ADSL, Tenneco, Johnson Control Instruments, Eberspaecher and Faurescia – to name a few – have seen the results from sending their staff on training courses with POP Training and Consulting.

Our training programmes are modelled around improving performance in the workplace with the content also helping delegates to make personal life changes. “It is a known fact that personal happiness affects work performance, so it stands to reason that personal development in both the home and working environment go hand in hand” – Ron Scherer

Our diverse cultures in South Africa are interesting and challenging – with the right training to understand the different behaviours and needs of our colleagues, work stress and conflict is reduced.

We believe in building a culture in which employees are engaged and happy in their work environment, tolerant of their colleague’s differences and always prepared to adapt to the changing needs of the industry in which they work. Companies who have used our highly successful Building High Performing Teams training series have seen vastly improved results on overall performance levels, as well as in employee morale.

It is through understanding our diverse cultures that we are able to manage and reduce conflict. Through his regular interaction in mediation and training interventions with Shop Stewards, Union Officials and Management Teams, Ron enjoys a healthy respect from both management and union officials. His experience and understanding forms the basis of our Shop Steward Capacity Building Series.

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