Transformation Training

This Transformation Training is offered throughout South Africa
– Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth –

We now offer this Transformation Training course, and all our training courses as Virtual Training / Remote Training,
to meet your unique needs arising from the CO
VID-19 Corona Virus epidemic.

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Transformation Training

This Transformation Training is:
Suitable for Managers and Management Teams

Course Duration: 2 days
Course Objective:
This Transformation Training which we run publicly and in-house throughout South Africa – is designed for managers and management teams, to lay the foundation for building a high performance organisation and high performance teams.
Course content and outcomes:
   In this Transformation Training, the following issues will be explored:
  • Organisational Performance Analysis: Where does our performance go?
  • Building a high performance organisation – a holistic approach
  • Analysing the culture and performance morale in our organization
  • The reasons why attempts at building high performance team often fail
  • The 12 key processes involved in Building a High Performance Organisation
  • Our key stakeholders – who are they, and how do we value them?
  • Laying the foundations for teams: Change Management
  • The employee value proposition
  • Measuring the asset value of human capital
  • What are the keys that unlock performance?
  • Managing employee morale and internal customer service levels
  • Strategic Leadership, Balanced Scorecards and Value-based Management
  • The team performance curve
  • The characteristics of high performance teams
  • Building High Performance Teams – an 18-month roll-out strategy
  • Ownership, responsibility and accountability within teams
  • Understanding group and team dynamics
  • The leadership team – adapting leadership styles through Facilitative Leadership
  • Closing discussions, and action plans on the way forward

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What our customers have said about our Transformation Training:

“Great workshop. The presenter is very knowledgeable. We enjoyed and learnt a lot of practical things that can be implemented within (our company).

The facilitator (Ron Scherer) gives great practical examples, energetic, explains thoroughly, easy to understand, funny. He is very experienced and knows his subject. The Trust Model in particular is excellent.”

“It was a very informative and indeed very transformational 2 days.

Ron is a great facilitator. He knows how to convey a message in a very interesting way. He has a great personality”.

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