Conflict, Stress and Change Training

Conflict, Stress and Change Management Training
This Conflict, Stress and Change Training is offered throughout South Africa as
in-house, public and online training

Conflict, Stress and Change Training

Suitable for Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Specialists

Course Duration: 2 days

NQF Level: 4

Course Objective:

Some of the greatest challenges for management teams and executives lie in steering their ship through the waves of Conflict, Stress, and inevitable Workplace Changes that confront them, seemingly on a never-ending basis, both in their personal capacity and in their role as leaders of organisations.

This training is designed:
✓    to build understanding of the nature of personal and workplace stressors, changes and conflicts
✓    to provide leaders with methodologies that will guide them to lead their teams through these challenges

Course content and outcomes:

Through this training, delegates will learn:

  • Stress ManagementConflict, Stress, Change Training
    • Become aware of six dangerous myths about stress
    • Identify your personality type and your susceptibility to deal with stressful situations
    • Gain a greater understanding of the prevalence of pressure – and stress in our lives
    • Understand the difference between stress, pressure, eustress and distress
    • Understand the 4-stage stress model, and the acute / chronic nature of stress
    • Realize the chemical effects of stress on the body’s organs – and how big a deal it is!
    • Be better able to recognise and monitor the effects of stress in self
    • Be better able to identify signs of stress overload in others
    • The 4 essential components of managing organisational stress and stressors
    • Cushioning techniques (breathing drills, eating habits, exercise) to help you manage stress
  • Change Management
    • Understand why people resist changeConflict, Stress, Change Training
    • The change curve, and its effect on individual and team performance
    • Understand the principles of how best to manage the transitions through change
    • Management misconceptions about how to handle change
    • Types of loss employees experience during periods of major changes
    • The phases of transition through change
    • Essential principles leaders should apply for managing change
    • How to ensure trust in the process of implementing change?
      • The speed of trust
      • The Caring Model of Trust
    • The 5 Activities Model for Effective Change Management
      • Motivating change
      • Creating the vision of change
      • Developing political support, and ensuring the effectiveness of the change sponsor and change agents
      • Managing the transition of change
      • Sustaining momentum
  • Conflict Management
    • The nature of conflict: Internal vs external conflict ; Constructive vs destructive conflict
    • The main causes of individual conflict & how to manage it effectivelyConflict, Stress, Change Training
    • The main causes of workplace conflict on a macro and organisational level
    • The main causes of conflict within teams & how to manage them effectively
    • Understanding the main conflict styles
    • Understanding what your natural conflict style is
    • How high performance teams handle conflict
    • Leadership styles – how they are affected by conflict styles
    • The attributes needed to become an effective “conflict manager”
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