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Conflict Management Training / Conflict Resolution Training

This Conflict Management Training Course is offered throughout South Africa
– Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth –

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Conflict Management Training

and Conflict Resolution

This Conflict Management Training is suitable for:
Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Shop Stewards

Course Duration: 2 days NQF LEVEL: 5
Course Objective:

If destructive conflict is not nipped in the bud and effectively managed, it can have disastrous consequences for an organisation and all stakeholders.

Through this Conflict Management Training / Conflict Resolution Training Course, you will get to grips with the main causes of conflict, and how to manage both destructive and constructive conflict.

Course content and outcomes:
    Through this Conflict Management Training Course, delegates will learn:

  • The nature of conflict: Internal vs external conflict
  • Types of conflict: Inter-personal: Intra-personal; Inter-group; Intra-group
  • Constructive vs destructive conflict
  • The main causes of individual conflict & how to manage it effectively
  • The main causes of conflict within teams & how to manage them
  • How high performance teams handle conflict
  • Understanding the main conflict styles
  • Understanding what your natural conflict style is
  • Developing the ability to choose the best conflict style to fit the situation
  • Leadership styles – how they are affected by conflict styles
  • The attributes needed to become an effective “conflict manager”
  • Legislated procedures for the resolution of workplace disputes
  • “Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict – alternatives to passive or aggressive responses, alternatives to violence. “ D Thompson

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