Root Cause Analysis Training

Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis Training

This 2-day Root Cause Analysis Training course, which includes Problem Solving,
is offered throughout South Africa as In-house, Public and Virtual Training

Root Cause Analysis Training
Including Problem Solving Training –

Suitable for all employees

Course Duration: 2 days

NQF Level: 4

Course Objective:

This Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis Training is designed for individuals and teams responsible for:

    ✓    Identifying and tackling problems promptly and efficiently
    ✓    Conducting root-cause analysis
    ✓    Implementing and monitoring solutions
    ✓    Utilizing sound judgement in making decisions
    ✓    Developing innovative solutions and ideas

Course content and outcomes:

Through this Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis Training, delegates will gain understanding and work through practical workplace applications of:

  • The fundamentals of problem solvingProblem Solving and Root Cause Analysis Training
    • Why it is important to differentiate between problem solving and decision making
    • Handling routine problems and complex problems
    • The importance of attitude in problem solving
    • Positive thinking and positive assertion in problem solving
  • Root-cause analysis in problem solving, including:
    • Five why’s
    • The 8 Discipline Problem Solving Model
    • Cause and effect analysis (Fishbone diagram)
  • Whole brain thinking in problem solving
    • Brainstorming and mind mapping
    • Lateral thinking
    • The 80/20 effort principle
  • Problem detection and prevention
    • Kaizen / Continuous improvement
    • Learning from mistakes made
    • Poka Yoke (make it “mistake-proof”)
    • The 5S Problem Prevention Model:
      – Stop, Speak, Space, Sort, Sequence
  • Critical thinking and decision making skills
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