Time Management Course

This Time Management Training Course is offered in-house and publicly throughout South Africa
– Western Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga –

We also offer this Time Management Training and all our training courses as Virtual Training
to meet your unique needs arising from the CO
VID-19 Corona Virus epidemic.

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Time Management Training

– including Planning and Goal Setting –

This Time Management Training course
is suitable for all employees

Course Duration: 1 day NQF LEVEL: 4
Course Objective:
Successful people:

  • set goals
  • plan their activities
  • prioritize
  • manage their time carefully

Through this Time Management Training Course, you will acquire the necessary time-management and planning competencies
to maximize your effectiveness, and achieve success in your personal and work life.

Course content and outcomes:
   Through this Time Management Training course, delegates will learn:
  • What is time management, and why is it so important for success?
  • The basic principles of time management
  •       – Creating a task list
          – Prioritising personal and team tasks
          – Using and maintaining a diary
          – Implementing and maintaining personal and team task lists

  • Value clarification exercise – the basis for goal setting
  • Clarifying your purpose and visions
  •       – How do Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Objectives, Strategy link together?
          – Personal envisioning and setting of supportive objectives and goals
          – Basing your vision, mission, objectives and goals on your values
          – Identifying your vision, mission, objectives and goals for all 4 aspects of your life:
              •  Personal vision and goal setting – mental, physical and spiritual
              •  Family vision and goal setting
              •  Financial vision and goal setting
              •  Career vision and goal setting

  • Taking ownership: Accountability and responsibility
  • Planning, prioritization, resource allocation and time management
  •       – Understanding the planning process
          – Developing plans using a planning template
          – Putting all the necessary resources in place
          – Measuring and evaluating your progress
          – The ABC’s of prioritization
          – Handling interruptions
          – Stop, speak, space, sort, sequence

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